Replies! Replies! Replies!

Tweeting is a form of expression: emotions, thoughts, ideas, hopes, and desires, etc. With over 330 million active users, this is a marketer’s heaven.  From your tweets, a marketer understands exactly what you need and can pitch when you are in real demand for his goods or services.

When you tweet “pay + essay, paper, homework or assignment” this is like setting off a tripwire, and seconds later your inbox and notifications explode with replies from essay writing companies offering to write your essay for you.

If your Twitter direct messaging is on you will get these replies directly to your inbox too. On average you will get around 20 replies and this can be quite overwhelming and to some extent frightening.

Where do they come from?


Some twitter pages have bots that automatically respond to certain keywords. Their responses are the swiftest.  Retweeting and liking a tweet is the most basic of these bots. When the bot retweets or likes a tweet it shows up on the page’s profile.   Account masters (marketers) identify you and follow up with a reply.

Much more sophisticated bots will reply to the tweet or inbox if your message is on. For most of these bots, they have a monthly fee.

Support (marketers)

Some account masters search for keywords on Twitter and reply to the tweets they find. The most efficient tool for this is Tweetdeck. With different columns having different combinations of an intended keyword, the account holder (marketer) can view tweets in real-time and reply.

Should I be alarmed?

There is no reason to be alarmed, this is just a reaction to your tweet and the replies are marketers trying to make a deal.

Are these essay writing scammers?

One can only be sure by testing them. However, be very careful as the ease of pulling off an essay scam is quite high. It is common knowledge that one pays for writing before it’s written. Anyone with a twitter account can manipulate it to appear like an essay writing account and hustle money. Once you pay them you never hear from them or you get a low-quality paper.

When you try to get your money back they usually threaten to get in touch with your university, inform of your discretions and this can easily get you expelled. 

Do I flag these messages?

When you flag a direct message or tweet, you will stop getting replies from that specific account but Twitter does not automatically suspend the account. It may suspend the account’s activities for around 30 minutes as it is reviewed. If they consider it not harmful or spam the account is back in business.

Pages pass the review as the content they tweet is not considered harmful to Twitter standards and since your tweet is a cry for help to the world, the replies are in order as they are allegedly trying to help you.

There is no need to flag them not unless they are excessively persistent and aggressive. Learn more

How can I be sure that an essay service is legit?

One cannot be certain, but here are a few pointers to help ease your decision making:

A page with a functional website

A website is a robust indicator of investment and legitimacy. Running a website costs money and maintaining the reputation of a website is crucial. The probability of an essay writing scammer going the extra mile to create a functional website just to scam is lower.

If a website is a scam it doesn’t take long before it is flagged and with websites like and, you can easily check a website’s credibility level.

 A paid email address 

If a company’s name is ‘xyzwriting’ a free email address like is a bit unprofessional. A paid email like is a much bolder statement. 

Is the deal too good? How much should I be charged for an essay?

Essay writing is fairly expensive. The price depends on urgency, type of paper, academic level, etc. A market price of $10 per 275 words on the lower side, some companies charge over $50 per page. If you encounter a twitter account willing to accept less pay for a paper then one of two options is true.

  • You are being scammed or 
  • You are probably hiring writers from Commonwealth countries or South East Asia. Chances of you getting a plagiarized or low-quality paper are higher.