General Guidelines for Writing an Essay

General Guidelines for Writing an Essay

Writing a good essay involves quite a number of parameters that need to be addressed, including the title, structure, and paragraphs.

Step 1: Understand the Question/Context

The first step is to understand the question or the context of the essay. Read the instructions until you develop a rough idea of what is needed before writing your essay

Step 2: Choose an Appropriate Title

After comprehending the context of the essay, choose an appropriate title that will not only be informative but also simple and concise. Avoid using long sentences and complicated words that might hinder the reader's ability to understand. You can also use these tips while creating a title.

  1. Use catchy words.
  2. Consider including the topic's keywords.
  3. Use a colon(where necessary).

Step 3: Structure your Essay

Write down the key points that will guide the structure of your essay. These could be points or ideas that will inform the body of the essay.

Step 4: Introduction

 Write the introduction of the essay with the aim of moving from general outlines to specific details. The introductory paragraph should start with a short orientation, provide a 'road map' of the essay, and conclude with a thesis statement.

Step 5: Body

Paragraphs in the body segment are considered to be building blocks that help in presenting an argument. Paragraphs should start with a topic sentence, which carries the main idea of the paragraph. The subsequent sentences should support the topic sentence and the last sentence should provide a brief conclusion of the idea provided.


At this stage, the writer should restate the answer to the question or the thesis statement. The concluding paragraph should also provide a summary of the main points before including a final statement.

Note: Do not introduce new ideas/information in the conclusion.

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