A clear and specific (3-stage) thesis (Summarize/Analyze Spider the Artist) essay help

A clear and specific (3-stage) thesis (Summarize/Analyze Spider the Artist)
Unified, well-structured body paragraphs
Sufficient evidence in each body paragraph, including effective quotations  from the text
A conclusion that revisits your key arguments
Sentences that are clear and grammatical
 Appropriate academic language.


Spider the Artist by Nnedi Okorafor is a short story revolving around a woman who was continuously mistreated and abused by her drunk husband. A Zombie came to her rescue by causing events that led to her freedom. Zombies were mandated to protect the pipelines, which contained oil. Villagers were not allowed to obtain or benefit from the oil that was derived from the same land they owned. The short story is complex and outlines an extensive range of themes. Technology and artificial intelligence, which is represented by the Zombies, is one of the major themes outlined by the author. Although Zombies were beneficial in various ways, they were complicated and became destructive to the entire village and resulted in a new and strange environment. As such, despite the technology being useful to people, its complex nature can lead to massive destruction, which can demolish humanity and give rise to a new and strange environment.    

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