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For the final project in this course, you will design a comprehensive program for a student with ASD. This final project is worth 120 points.

For this assignment you will complete all sections of the appropriate UCC and ISSI and provide a report on the student.

Based on this information, you will complete a Global Intervention Plan and a Ziggurat Worksheet for addressing the Global Intervention Plan.

You will write a SMART goal for 4 skill needs listed in the Global Intervention Plan, along with an explanation of why this is a priority skill.

You will complete a CAPS schedule describing how the intervention will be integrated in the school day, and identify/develop 3 examples of structures/modifications that you would include in the students program.

UCC, ISSI, and Report of Student

Complete the UCC (either HF or CL or EI). Remember, choose UCC-HF if the student is higher functioning or the UCC-CL if the student has more classic autism or the UCC-EI if student is under 5 years old.

Column #1 Item is done for you (see the book);
Column #2 Notes is where you write about your student (see the book);
Column #3 Interventions: This is different than in your book. Instead of follow-up, you are going to briefly (1-2 sentences) describe an intervention you could use to address the item. You will do this for each area of need on the UCC. For example, in UCC-HF #85, if the note is that the student becomes upset if she does not have the right clothes clean and ready to wear, you would write an intervention in the last column, such as you will write a social story addressing that its OK to wear different clothes if the clothes you want to wear are dirty.

2. Complete the ISSI.

3. Use both the UCC and the ISSI to write a brief detailed report (no more than half a page) describing: the students age, grade in school, type of school attended (e.g. ABA school, inclusive school, etc), and the students strengths and needs in the areas of social, behavior, communication, sensory, cognitive, motor, and emotional domains.

Global Intervention Plan & Ziggurat Worksheet

Complete the Global Intervention Plan to identify priority needs.

Describe the settings in which the individual needs to function.
Describe which UCC areas have the greatest impact on the ability of the person to function in multiple settings.
Describe which UCC areas would have the greatest impact on increasing independent functioning.
Describe which UCC areas would have the greatest impact on the persons sense of well being.

2. Then, complete a Ziggurat Worksheet based on the Global Intervention Plan, using the information gathered and prioritized above.

IEP Goals, Data Sheets, and Graphs

Write four (4) SMART goals: specific, measurable, action-oriented, relevant, time-limited. You do not need to include objectives or benchmarks.
For each goal, include a sample data collection sheet (one you made, do NOT include a sheet that is copied from the internet)
For each goal, include a sample graph for the data. Label the graphs x- and y-axes.

With each graph, describe how the data will be graphed and how you will make decisions about the intervention from the graph.
NOTE: There should be different data sheets and graphs for each goal. Please note that you do not need to actually collect data, just report here how you would collect and evaluate the data.

CAPS or MCAPS (depending on grade of student)

Using the information gathered, complete the CAPS or MCAPS form focusing on the Global Intervention plan for the students schedule on an average day at school, showing the beginning and ending times of regular lessons and activities.
Complete each section of the CAPS or MCAPS, and make sure to include identified needs in the targeted areas to teach column on the CAPS or MCAPS.

Examples of Structure & Visual/Tactile Supports (as illustrated in CAPS chapter 2)

Create examples of the structures/modifications needed for three (3) activities or time periods as described in the CAPS program.
This can include photographs, copies of documents, or written descriptions.
You should provide a brief written explanation of how the structure/modification will be implemented, and why you chose this structure for the student.

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