Autobiography of Malcolm X and I Too Essay Help

I. Introduction

"I, Too" is a poem by Langston Hughes that was first published in 1926. It is a protest against racism in America. It portrays how a black man is excluded by the White community. However, he perseveres and believes in the long run this racism will come to an end and African Americans will be accepted and valued.

Thesis: The poem, "I, Too" by Langston Hughes, refers to "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" due to Malcolm Little, in a variety of similar ways. Malcolm Little was the pariah at school and in his foster home. Malcolm was denigrated by whites because of his skin color. Though he was belittled, he was also praised for being smart and wanted in clubs and groups. 

II. Point 1- Malcolm was an outcast 

A. treated as if he didn't exist at the Swerlins

B. teachers belittled Malcolm

C. pariah of his grade

D. the judge of his foster case looked him and down "They would even talk about me, or about "niggers", as though I wasn't there".

III. Point 2- Degenerated because of skin color

A. thought of as a sex symbol by some women

B. used Malcolm as a way to gain status because of his color

C. hated his white background……

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