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Technology has changed our lives drastically in the past twenty years. For example, consider the rise of mobile devices connected to the internet using wireless communication. We have progressed from shopping solely in brick-and-mortar stores to having the ability to do anything from renting a vacation home to purchasing cupcakes online using a mobile device. To keep up with how consumers communicate, businesses have to incorporate these devices and technologies into their business models to reach customers. Developing appropriate technical solutions to business problems begins with defining, analyzing, and documenting the necessary requirements.

For this project, you will play the role of an employee working for a small brick-and-mortar business. Your business is seeking to establish an online presence, but it must first invest in new technology. You will create a business systems analysis to provide the business owner with your recommendations for a technology solution that will support her venture into e-commerce.

The project is divided into two milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Three and Five. The final product will be submitted in Module Seven. Use the Final Project template document as a guide to ensure you have met all requirements before submitting your final draft.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

  • Analyze a business organization for determining the business requirements related to information technology systems
  • Articulate the role and function of information systems in business organizations for how they impact business operations
  • Recommend appropriate information technology options for effectively supporting business operations
  • Recommend basic security considerations related to business information systems for effectively securing company data 

Imagine that you work for the small brick-and-mortar business described in the final project case scenario. The owner of your business wants to focus on generating new revenue through e-commerce, but she knows that this change in operations requires the company to integrate new technology. To gain an understanding of what the business might need for technology, she has asked you to create a business systems analysis. In this analysis, you will clearly introduce the problem that your business is facing. Then, you will determine the business requirements for solving that problem, including the requirements that any new technology needs to meet. Next, you will explain how your competitors are using the two technologies in which you are investing, to determine whether those technologies are appropriate for your business. Finally, you will propose your recommendations for the technology solution that best meets the needs of your business, including what your business owner must consider in regard to security and privacy of company data.

Select two of the following technologies to focus on in your business systems analysis paper:

  • Big data and knowledge management
  • Wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce
  • Social computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Business analytics and business intelligence solutions
  • Intelligent systems

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  1. Introduction: In this section, you will briefly introduce the small business from the case scenario, and the problem that it is trying to solve.

    1. Clearly state the problem that the business owner is seeking to solve. Be sure to address the question of what your business ultimately wants to do.

    2. Identify and briefly describe the two technologies from the list provided that you will research in your business systems analysis.

  2. Business Requirements: In this section, you will determine what the business requirements are for solving the stated problem, and establish the criteria that will help form your technology recommendations. You will also articulate why the business owner should undertake the project of integrating new technology.

    1. Explain the objectives of undertaking this project to integrate new technology. In others words, what should the project accomplish, and how does it support the goal of your business?

    2. Provide a project description that explains the purpose of the project. Be sure to address the following:

      1. What does your business need to do to satisfy the objectives?

      2. What are the desired results at the end of the project?

      3. Why is it important for your business owner to consider implementing new technology?

    3. State the key technological requirements that will be required of any new technology in order to effectively solve your business’s problem. In other words, what specifically does the technology need to be capable of doing? (These are the technology requirements in the decision matrix.) 

  1. Competitors and Technology: In this section, you will describe two competing companies that operate in the same industry as your business. You will also explain how a company uses the two technologies that you are investigating in order to determine if the technology may be appropriate for your business to use. Remember that a list of competing companies was provided to you in the final project case scenario.

    1. Technology One: Select one company in the same industry as your own that uses this technology. Briefly describe what that company does and how it uses this technology to support its business in general. Include specific examples.

    2. Technology Two: Select one company in the same industry as your own that uses this technology. Briefly describe what that company does and how it uses this technology to support its business in general. Include specific examples.

    3. Referring to what you learned in your research on the companies above, explain one specific way in which one of the companies is benefitting from technology, and describe the potential benefit to your business if you were to adopt the same approach.

  2. Technology Solutions: In this section, you will discuss how each of the two technologies meets the technology requirements that you identified in section II. Use your decision matrix to guide your responses.

    1. Technology One: Explain how well this technology meets the technology requirements of your business. Be sure to address which technology requirements the technology meets, and where there are gaps.

    2. Technology Two: Explain how well this technology meets the technology requirements of your business. Be sure to address which technology requirements the technology meets, and where there are gaps.

  3. Recommendations: In this section, you will recommend the technology solution that you believe is most appropriate for your business based on how well each technology meets your business’s technology requirements.

    1. Recommend a technology solution for your business, and defend why that solution is appropriate. You may recommend only one technology or any combination of the two that you investigated.

    2. Explain the overall benefit of your recommended technology solution to your business. Consider the following:

    3. How will it will it enhance efficiency?

                       i. How will it position your business for future growth as you move online?

VI. Basic Security Considerations: In this section, you will briefly explain what the owner of your business must consider in regard to security and privacy if they choose to adopt your recommendations.

  1. Explain the security features your recommended technology solution should have.

  2. Briefly explain what your business should consider in regard to security and privacy as you seek out third-party vendors for the proposed technology.

  3. Briefly describe the internal safeguards that should be put in place in your business to guard against loss or misuse of company data. Provide examples. 



    The rapid growth of e-commerce, online bookings, and globalization of businesses and financial services have created a need for businesses to cater to customers login into a network anytime and get access to information, update information, and ability to manage systems remotely. The role of e-commerce in business cannot be gainsaid (Barker, 2018). Current demographic shifts coupled with the fast-paced evolution of mobile communications 4G and now towards 5G have ensured information/data can be exchanged through a myriad of applications for specific uses. These systems when supported by the development of mobile technologies guarantee timely updates of data from various locations into the central repository systems thereby improving managerial decision making with regards to the implementation of key strategic decisions.

    Problem Statement

    The proliferation of online businesses in the recent past has outcompeted existing brick and mortar businesses as in our case. The business lacks an online presence that includes the advertising of designer products available, lacks interactive platforms for review posting and enhancement of business via social interactions online, business relies on traditional advertising and marketing strategies............

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