Third-Party Logistics (3Pl) And Global Transportation College Essay Topic Help


Third Party Logistics (3PL) and Global Transportation

  1. Watch this video: How Third-Party Logistics (3PL) fits in the Supply Chain (1:08)
  2. Research and Discuss
    Conduct research through SCHOLARLY SOURCES on global transportation and the use of 3PL.
    Analyze current issues impacting the execution of global transportation and discuss the reasons
    why you think companies seek integrated third-party logistics services.

RESPONSE: (175 225 words) 1 or 2 scholarly references required

  1. Provide a brief, yet relevant, response to the following post on the same subject:

Lets consider some of the Best Practices in Supply Chain Management and Logistics and Manufacturing. What is a best practice, and can you give some examples of Manufacturing or Logistics best practices?

Because we all have worked or are currently working for an organization, coming up with examples may not be too difficult. Whenever possible, please include company or organizational examples to illustrate your key points. This makes your arguments more convincing and interesting.

RESPONSE: (50 100 words) Provide references if necessary

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